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is there a “function” that announces the list of the participants in a conference?
For example: Alice and Bob join the conference, when Tom joins the conference he would like to know who has already joined the meeting. How can Tom know this information? Is there a function that announces all the registered message (when Alice and Bod joined the conference they have registered their name and surname)?

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Hello from 2020!! :laughing:
Have you found a solution? I’ve the same problem and don’t know how to get partecipants list and identity on new join.

You will need do save user count and informastion that join or exit from the conference on a DB, then before adding a new user to the conference verify the information and play it to the user before run the confbridge() app

Counting users on a conf
asterisk -x " confbridge list 5001" | awk ‘{print $1}’ | grep -w SIP | wc -l

listing channels on a conf

asterisk -x " confbridge list 5001" | awk ‘{print $1}’ | grep -w SIP

This is where I feel silly :slight_smile:

I’ve always typed 'asterisk -r -x ...' Damn near 20 years! Learn something new every day…

I don’t have an Asterisk instance running confbridge right now, but I suspect your first command could be simplified to something like:

asterisk -x 'confbridge list 5001' | awk '/^SIP/ {++count} END {print count}'

(Muscle memory kicked in and I typed the above command with ‘-r’ as well :slight_smile:

You can use the CONFBRIDGE_INFO(parties,) dialplan function to get the count of users on the conference.

Agreed with that just posted it that mode to show him how to combine linux commands with Asterisk, because he will need it for what he wants unless he do it all using phpagi class or other library

I forgot to say I’m using javascript, btw i’ve found a solution. Enabling the confbridge messages asterisk will log activity like join, welcome and leave on websocket events. So i handle those and i know exactly what’s gonna happen.
Thx for all