ParkedCalls MAnager API command

What is the correct way of getting the parked calls via the manager API. It seems when I send the the command “Action: ParkedCallsCRLFCRLF” and reading the socket afterwards I only get back “Response: Success
Message: Parked calls will follow”. I then have to write to the socket again to get "Event: ParkedCall
Exten: 701
Channel: SIP/Ext_20-922d
Timeout: 173
CallerID: "Gerhard Venter"
And then have to write to the socket again until I get “Event: ParkedCallsComplete”

In each case I send the same message “Action: ParkedCallsCRLFCRLF” everytime. There is no documentation on how to implement it except for the little on but that doesn’t explain the protocol much. Do I need to write a empty string instead?

Can somebody from Digium please tell me where to get more on the protocol defenitions for each Action?

Thank you.