Parked call ringback tone

How can I change the ringback tone of a parked call that has timed out? The operator answers and parks a call. She then pages the appropriate department. If nobody picks up the call it rings back to her after the preset timeout period. That is all fine and great. But, when it comes back to her, she has no way of knowing it is a timed out call and answers it as if it is a brand new incoming call. The person holding says “duh! I’ve been on hold for …” and the operator back peddles. Not a good showing for the company.

There has to be a way to do this. I’ve found a lot of people with the same question via Google, and no answers?

You mean the ring cadence. The ringback tone is what the caller hears.

For SIP, the ring cadence is generated by the phone, although, for some phones, you can use custom headers to select alternative ones.

If you had a CTI (AMI) application, that would be telling you it was a returned call, so I presume you don’t. It is just possible that such an application could add a custom SIP header, but otherwise I’m not convinced you can do this without major surgery to the source code, and even then it depends on the phone allowing one to select alternative cadences.

Note you didn’t actually say you were using SIP, but that is the most likely case for people who forget to say.

Yes, I’m using SIP and Aastra phones which support custom headers for ring cadence nicely. I use them in alot of places to tell which line a call is coming in on, if the call is from the outside or from another extension, etc. There just does not seem to be any place to insert a type code for the timed out parked call when it rings back to the person that parked it. Very strange omission!!!