ParkandAnnounce setting caller id to the Parked extension

How do I set the callerid of a parked call to the extension it is parked in?

exten => _*7XX,1,SetCallerID(Parked Call<${EXTEN}>)
exten => _*7XX,n,ParkAndAnnounce(pbx-transfer:PARKED|60|SIP/${DIALEDPEERNUMBER}|motors|${DIALEDPEERNUMBER}|1)

${EXTEN} gives me *700, but I need to be able to display 701, 702, etc.


i would like to know this too. :smile:

I am going to have to bump this one…

Any ideas on how to change the Caller ID of a parked call so that when it rings back it will display which parking spot it was placed in?

this patch should work for what we need. i havn’t tried it yet tho:

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed! :smiley:

I posted the following in the bug report (maybe you see the answer that I don’t):

"I patched 1.2.10 with the M6953_rev2.txt (patch -p0 <M6953_rev2…)
make clean;make;make install

tested the patch and did not see any change.

I was hoping to have the CallerIDNum change to the parking slot.

Currently the CallerID is *700. I want it to change to the parking slot (ex: 701) so if it times out (which it frequently does here even with a timeout of 90 seconds) the receptionist knows which parking slot was used. This way they can more professionally answer the returned call with “You were holding for Pat? He didn’t pick up, may I put you to his voicemail…”

Since the Receptionist probably parked the call and will most likely get the returned call I will not be able to use the parkedcallstimeout option.

I do not see where you are putting the variable containing the parking slot number. I probably just not reading the notes clearly. Please tell me how to change the CallerIDNum to the Parking Slot number."