pap2t - device does not match acl

I’m trying to get a pap2t to work with asterisk 1.4. when the pap2t tries to register with asteriak I see “Registration from ‘659 sip:659@’ failed for ‘’ - Device does not match ACL” on the asterisk console. Using ethereal I can see the pap2t try to register with asterisk and can also see asterisk try to contact pap2t. It is probably something simple but I am at a loss. Even tried to follow the path of code in sip_chan.c to no avail. Can someone help?


The setup for the pap2t I used (from the internet) was not correct. I installed sjphone, got it to register properly, and then chenged some pap2t parms to match the sjphone parms and all is working now.


I am trying to use Ekiga softphone. I am seeing the same error as you mentioned earlier. So may I know what are the parameters you have changed to make it work!

Thank you.