Outgoing fax call via sip trunk Dialogic SR140


I have Fax server (Faxcore) Using Dialogic SR140 v6.11.

the FaxServer connected to Asterisk pbx 11.9.0

When sending faxes to some providers , after the invite (fax serever), the PBX sent “183 Session Progress SDP (g711A)”, our response to this is “CANCEL”

Why in some calls the PBX send the "183 Session Progress SDP (g711A)?

Where should be the change? The fix? On the Dialogic configuration? In the Asterisk pbx?

The dialogic is configured with T.38 with Fallback to G.711 and codac - ALaw/ULaw

please help,
Outging call

The most obvious reason would be that it received 183 (or the ISDN equivalent) on the B leg.

What channel driver(s) are you using? What does the dialplan do?

Other reasons are you called Progress() and you tried to send early media.

Note your wire shark shows Mu-law, not A-law being offered.

(In general, you need to proved the channel technology driver protocol trace, as text, not a wire shark summary as an image, although, in this case, without the B side, it probably won’t help.

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