Outgoing calls with a Q.850 error code cause 18


I do not know if you can help me but I try anyway.

We have an IPBX with an Asterisk base: Starface
We are trying to interconnect a cross-channel software for call centers: Kiamo

We arrive unable to make outgoing calls from Kiamo, we have a Q.850 cause error code 18.

We have several SIP trunks, one for Kiamo and one for Starface.

Kiamo’s outgoing call goes through his Trunk to chat with Starface but can not seem to come out with the Starface Trunk.

I hope I have made this sufficiently clear.

Thank you

The network terminated the call attempt because the user did not answer the call in time.

ok merci
Mais le téléphone ne sonne pas et le message est instantané.
Je n’ai pas de problème avec les appels internes.

You will need to ask your service provider as they are the one claiming that the subscriber isn’t answering.