Outgoing call issue (external / internal)



I’m having a strange issue, when making any outgoing calls ether to a local extension or a external number - there is no voice in both direction untill a DTMF tone is sent.

Once i’ve pressed any button on the phone the channel seems to become active! untill this issue is solved i cant use my asterisk PBX any help would be appreciated.

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Is there a firewall/nat between one of the following: Asterisk, phone, or VOIP provider?


yes there is - the phones are behind a NAT, however im using SIPROXD as the SIP outgoing proxy . Its very strange because if i dial 7777 and then the local extension i dont have the same issue, its just when dialing directly that there is no voice tilll DTMF tone sent.

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i believe this problem may be related to the outgoing sip proxy used. I switched from siprodx to sarp.pl (a perl based proxy) and all internal calls worked without a problem; however external calls failed to work.

Does anyone have any recommendations to which proxy to use?