Outgoing calls routing. VoIP or Zap?

Hello everybody:

I’m working on an Asterisk Box which is connected to 4 analogical lines, with a TDM400P card. Those lines are used only for incoming calls, to keep the old numbers.

The outgoing calls are made using a VoIP service provider, which lately is having serious QoS problems because of an upgrade of its systems. Because of that, now we want to redirect the ooutgoing calls to the analogical lines when the VoIP is not available.

My question is: IS it possible to that?..How?

Regards to everyone

Did you set the group in zapata.conf ? If yes you can use
Exten => _X.,1,Dial(ZAP/G1/${EXTEN})

This will send the calls out over your card.

It is easier to change from one route of your service provider to another route of TDM400P card.

The key problem is how to detect the voip is not available.

The Shang332 provide PSTN failover function. It work with those conditions.

when sip message is time out, it turn to pstn automatically. for those on asterisk,maybe we can get the handle of dial(). if it failed, dail again.


Thanks to all, i think i kinda know how to it, when it’s done i’ll post it