Outgoing analog calls

Hi all,
i successfully installed a TDM400 card to make calls using PSTN. I can recive calls from PSTN, but i can’t call “ouside” (in the PSTN).

I can see the following error in Asterisk’s console:

[May 10 15:33:04] WARNING[19192]: chan_zap.c:1614 zt_set_hook: zt hook failed: Device or resource busy

What’s wrong with zap_chan?
Thank you!

I am Mohan
To make an outgoing call , you need to

  1. Set up the PSTN zap channel in zapata.conf and
  2. define the rule for dialing on the PSTN zap channel in extensions.conf
    Then only you will be able to make outgoing call.

Also the message your are getting is not the Error, this is a worning only.

For more information you can refer to extensions.conf

Cheers …
Mohan Rao

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Please post the relevant part of your extensions.conf, the bit that routes your outbound calls through the TDM card.

together with your etc/zaptel.conf and etc/asterisk/zapata.conf.

Yes, please post some relevant examples…

I can’t get get the rules right, i went from a dial tone to fast busy when trying to dial out… to the phone calling itself…

I can’t get access to the outbound line… all the examples i’ve found online via voip-info.org, google, asterisk don’t explain the outbound call handling… I got inbound to work just fine… outbound does nothing.

my boss decided to don’t use anymore a TDM card. Now he wants to use a gateway (GXW-4004) so i haven’t to manage this problem anymore.

Does anyone know how to install a gateway and use it with Asterisk?
I tried today but Astersik doesn’t “see” the PSTN port on the gateway, what have I to do?

Thank you for your help!

hi bigmez,

Asterisk won’t ‘see’ the pstn port on a SIP/PSTN gateway. It will place a call on a SIP trunk to the gateway who will then take care of dialling and bridging.

Good luck.


Hi seabro,
con you tell me something more about it?

I’m an Asterisk noob (as you can see) and i really don’t know where to start from!
Have i to create a new “calling rule” to route the calls to PSTN to the gateway? How can i do it?

Thank you!