Outgoing calls do not include the called number

I have been using Asterisk 1.6 for the past 3 years without any trouble. I have a Digium TE405P card to interface other systems in my lab over E1/PRI.
Last week, the PC with Asterisk crashed and wouldn’t reboot (stuck for an hour during grub loading). I reloaded Ubuntu Hardy Heron and Asterisk 1.6 using the original disks that I had used 3 years ago.
I modified the system.conf, chan_dahdi.conf, sip.conf, and extensions.conf to what I was using before the crash.

I can make calls from SIP to SIP and incoming calls from each of the E1s to the SIPs but when I place a call from SIP to PRI, it times out and I see that it selected the correct PRI / channel and has the called number in its processing (via CLI screen). When I debug the PRI span, I see the SETUP message but called number parameter does not contain any digits (it has only 3 octets).

My extensions.conf for this context has:
exten => _40XX,1,Dial(DAHDI/r3,${$EXTEN})

Why are you using the extension number as the timeout? “,” should probably be “/”.

Thanks! My notes were bad from 3 years ago. It showed a comma instead of a forward slash. All is working once again. :smiley: