Outbound OBD call speed

How to increase the calling speed of OBD call speed in asterisk using Php AMI ? if possible then share the best method by using multiple asterisk server,i wanna make call blasting service by using PHP ,So, please share method and best code changes…

I used to create thousands call files via gui and then, checking channels availability move blocks of them to spool…i have created simple script which do the sums based on ‘sip show inuse’ cli commands…

What it is OBD stand for?

In the other hand Asterisk AMI and PHP works better than call file if you want to add programming logic and have more control and DB integration

Ok thanks for suggestion (outbound dialing i.e in this call call deliver and play some ivr message)

i am also using php and call are and calling speed is good but i am not able to store the events or response of call in DB or not able to pass the response in API ,if you have any suggestion or method of storing or passing events then please shared.

response of the call it stored on ${DIALSTATUS}) variable, you can use local channel and curl method to send the call information to a remote system

but sir ${DIALSTATUS}) variable is used in dialplan not in php ami ,so i want to know the method or idea for getting dial status in php ami .I have tried many times but didn’t get success , so there is request to you how we can store the dial status in DB or pass the dailstatus with originate response in API by php AMI an dif possible the share the code logic for this issue.

That’s why I told you use Local channel to pass ${DIALSTATUS} value to a php script or mysql DB,

Ok sir, but sir firstly, i want to clear to you what i want to do. i have two center in different cities and i have two asterisk server and i want to make bulk outbound call and play sound file , for this i have used php ami with mysql and its working fine and i am getting events and originate response on cli but i want to store that event and originate response in DB or pass that originate response in api .So ho wto do this???

Dont know what do you mean with Originate reponse, but again if you want to know the call disposition you can take it from the CDR or simply use again ${DIALSTATUS} variable,