Other phone system cant call * box

Hi, I am new to * and everything so i am just working on setting up a play box to learn more about it and posibly move over to it soon for are PBX.

We now have a Nortal system (witch I hate) and i have my * box plugged into it through an ATA extention. I can call that extention with a phone on the Nortal system and i get my IVR but i cant dial any extentions on my * side. But i can dial a nortel phone with my * system.

Also if i call my nortel system with an outside phone (Cell phone) i can dial my * ext and then dial any ext on my * system with no problems.

Seems like my Nortel system isnt putting out the right tones or something.

Any help would be great.



Are you sure you have the ATA set up correct? IE DTMF mode.


So how would i go about setting up my ATA’s to produce DTMF

Well RTFM will normaly help.

You havent even told us what ATA you have, So only you will know what the settings are.


Ok. Its a Norstar ATA2 NT8B90AL-93

I looked at some different ATA settings and nothing seemed to look like what i wanted.

And how have you connected this to * ? using an voipATA or a card ?

Connected to my * box with a FXO card.


Unplug your * from the ATA plug a pots phone in and then dial it. Then listen to see if you hear any tones.


no tones when i call it from a nortel phone

but if i call it from an outside like (cell) there are tones.

Yep thats what I would expect. The tones from the cellphone are inband as well so may not be reliable.
It may be possible to get the ATA configured as if it was connected to a VM. Not sur ethough but that way tones will be passed then.