Using A Credit Card Terminal Through Asterisk

We currently have an Asterisk box that is connected to a PRI for outbound/inbound calls. We also have a manual fax machine attached to a Grandstream HT-386 for making outbound faxes.

Our company is a credit card ISO, so we have to reprogram credit card terminals all day long. These terminals can be even more picky that faxes when trying to dial out.

I attempted to hook the credit card terminal into the ATA box, but it couldn’t dial out. Does anyone have any experience with these devices and making them work through an ATA box?

We currently use an analog phone line, but we would like to get rid of that as well.


Yep I have set them up using HT286 and sipuras, as long as you keep the codecs at G911 They seem to work OK.


G911 doesn’t seem to be an option for my 386. Which one’s support this protocol? I didn’t see that it was supported for the 286 either.

I have the following options in my 386:


Depending on which side of the pond u r its

either PCMU or PCMA

ie ulaw or alaw


We are located in the US. The 386 has two phone ports. The first one was set to PCMA, as was the second one. When I changed the second port to PCMU and reset the device, it would come back up in PCMA mode.


So I played with it for an hour. Finally, I changed the first port’s settings to PCMU and the second port’s settings changed. Excellent software there.

The first test we did worked fine, but we will be testing some older hardware later. T77’s will be interesting.

Okay, here is what we are seeing…

On older terminals, it attempts to dial out, but asterisk never receives the call. I’m guessing the ATA box isn’t catching the attempt to dial out.

On newer terminals, we get a 50% success rate for dialing out. Sometimes we see the same problem as the older terminals, other times it dials out and can perform the download, no problem.

So, is there a way to make the ATA box a little more sensitive to catching calls?

Also, what type of terminal are you using over there?