Other party can't hear my voice

I have to asterisk boxes one main which have connection to other providers and second one I’ve installed in my office and when I registered sip phones on the main asterisk everything works well but when I took one number from main asterisk and registered it on my second one I can make calls but problem is that they can’t hear my voice what the proble I can’t understand :frowning:

Hmm I did it when I’ve inserted canreinvite=no they heard my voice. I wanna know what canreinvite=no this does

it prevents asterisk from doing a re-invite which will cause the media to go directly between the end points. canreinvite=no will force asterisk to always stay in the media path acting as a media proxy.


I want such things to do. When for example 2001 answers the call I want extension 2001 enter onather call and not onlly one call.