[OT] Patton-Asterisk: cannot trunk without insecure=yes


For a long time, I used here and there some Patton Smartnodes as PSTN to SIP gateways.
The issue is for SIP calls from Patton to Asterisk:

Patton sends an INVITE
Asterisk replies with a 401 including a realm, nonce, etc …
Patton acknowledges the 401
Patton DO NOT re-invite using appropriate realm, nonce, …

I could work around this, either with SIP or PJSIP, but I would prefer to better understand what is going on and how I should edit with Patton config to have it re-INVITEing as described above.

Have someone successfully configured a Patton to re-INVITE with Asterisk.
If possible, can you share a config extract or example ?

Best regards

You want a retry of the INVITE, not a re-INVITE. Re-INVITEs have To tags and are in-dialogue operations.

Does it authenticate you going the other way? Not many things authenticate both ways.

(insecure=yes is deprecated and you only need insecure=invite. remotesecret is a better way of achieving one way authentication.)

Yes, I meant a retry of previous INVITE not a Re-INVITE with T tags and so on.

What do you mean by “Not many things authenticate both ways” ?
Either inbound or outbound calls are authenticated (ie challenged with a password) but never both ?

ITSPs generally don’t respond to attempts to authenticate them, which is why you see so many insecure=port,invite lines, although most only need the invite part. Phones don’t authenticate the PABX.

It would be desirable for a gateway to authenticate its caller, as it can make chargeable calls, but might not be considered necessary for it to authenticate the internal network.