Originating a call from ARI to a dialplan application

I’m trying to call a dialplan application from my stasis app using ARI. The dialplan app is just a test endpoint for tone detection:

exten => 2000,1,NoOp()
 same => n,Answer()
 same => n,PlayTones(busy)
 same => n,Wait(10)
 same => n,Hangup()   

And I’m just using a channel originate to make calls. I also have a phone and SBC configured with pjsip. Here’s where I’m getting hung up:

  • Calling PJSIP/1000 from the app works just fine
  • Calling PJSIP/{dn}@SBC from the app works for SBC calls
  • Calling 2000 from a registered pjsip extension works
  • Calling PJSIP/2000 or 2000 (no PJSIP prefix) from the app comes back with a 404.

Is there another prefix I have to use to get calls to a dial plan app to work directly from a stasis app? I think there’s probably an issue where the dialplan extension isn’t actually a pjsip extension, but I’m not sure what it would be then.

Side question on this-I have sip debug logging to the console enabled, but is there a way to log the context an endpoint is trying to call with to debug routing/classification?

PJSIP has endpoints, not extensions (except in FreePBX). The channel type for connecting to a dialplan extension is Local.


Thanks for the link-that’s what I was missing!

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