Dialing pjsip contacts via REST API

Hey guys,

We have written a stasis app in nodejs using the ari-client which works really well on our asterisk platform (v16.5.1) which is also running realtime.

We have started receiving more requests to support multiple devices on individual endpoints and having a little trouble.

Inbound/outbound calls all work well outside of our stasis app, however when dialing a users extension (1 x phone, 1 x softphone) from the stasis app we end up with only the last device registered ringing.

Before we look at using the ps_contacts table to find the uri for the endpoint and start dialing the contacts listed there, is there a better way to do this?

We have tried originating to the local/123456 channel however this also didn’t work. Last registered rings only.


Using a Local channel does work, but it’s up to you to write the dialplan logic to do such a thing. If you don’t use PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS in the dialplan then it won’t dial multiple.

Thanks for confirming jcolp,

I thought you couldn’t use pjsip_dial_contacts unless the call was going through a dialplan natively, not whilst it was in stasis, using the dial application?

Either way we have written the logic to dial each contact/channel and manage it ourselves.

I was referring to the use of a Local channel. As that dials dialplan, it’s up to you to write the dialplan accordingly.

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