Originated call dies when Manager logs off

Hi everybody

Im originating calls from the Manager interface. My calls are originated sucessfully, but I have a little problem. As soon as I close the Manager session that generated the call, the call hangs up.

This is the command Im sending to Asterisk thru te Manager API :

ction: Originate
Channel: Local/123@dialout/n
Context: dialout
Exten: answered
Priority: 1
WaitTime: 55
CallerID: 3600000

If I close the manager session before the called party answers, the call just dies, even if it hasnt ring for the complete timeout interval. This is my console output:

== Manager ‘voicemax’ logged on from
– Executing NoOp(“Local/123@dialout-d405,2”, “Dialing SIP/line4 (462771) for 45 seconds…”) in new stack
– Executing Dial(“Local/123@dialout-d405,2”, “SIP/line4|45”) in new stack
– Called line4ons reload
– SIP/line4-2e59 is ringing
== Manager ‘voicemax’ logged off from
== Spawn extension (dialout, 123, 2) exited non-zero on ‘Local/123@dialout-d405,2’

Can someone help me ? I need to open the session, send the originate command and disconnect inmediately. I shouldnt have to wait until the call finish to disconnect my manager session …or yes ? is this a normal behavior :question:

Thanks for any help


how are you connected to the manager interface, via telnet?

Im using a perl script with the Net::Telnet package.
My connection is successfull and I can log in , send the originate action and log off without any problem.

The only problem is the connection always closes before the call completes, and this causes the call to die.

Any ideas why this is happenning ?