Originate third call and put that call into the existing ongoing call

If two person is on a call and we would like to originate third call and put that call into the existing ongoing call…how can we achieve this?

FYI we are not using any meetme or confgridge for existing call

Thanks in advance

I would do something like this
(1) Define a custom feature under applicationmap section of features.conf. This custom feature will basically execute Gosub and place peer channel in a conference (channelredirect application).
(2) While on a call, press the DTMF specified to define custom feature in stpe #1
(3) Enter the number you wish to dial-out and when answered place both the calls into the same conference specified in stpe #1

Note that there are a lot more efforts required to achieve the end goal. Steps I’ve outlined here are just to give you an idea.

in my case, I make a conference call using ami

  1. Redirect the existing call ( using caller channel, callee channel) for the conference call
  2. Originate the third call

Ok, but how to get existing channel name while redirecting the call using channelredirect?

you can save channel’s information in astdb using dbPut?
and delete channel’s information at ‘h’ extension

Ok Thanks @hsunryou …let me try

thanks @satish4asterisk

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