Originate Dialouttime

Can anyone please guide me how to reduce originate dialtimeout time from deafult dialtimeout 30 sec?


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Use the CLI to list the help information for the originate action and act accordingly, or provide more information as to why that is not relevant.

Actually i am using a external AMI script to originate call on different numbers.As we know default ringing timeout of orginate is 30sec.I just want to give one or two rings on dialed number.
That is why i wanted to know how to reduce originate ringtime out.



Amend the script based on the information you obtain from running the CLI command. Note that the time is the time as seen by Asterisk. It is not an accurate predictor of the the number of rings that callee will hear.

i have reduced the deafult timeout 30 secs to 5 secs.

Thanx for ur guide.