Originate / Dial

When i am using Dial with 10 sec dialtimeout if a number is ringing it gives me noanswer flag.
if an number is switch off it also gives me no answer flag.

When i am using originate with 10 sec dialtimeout it also gives ringing for both switch off and switch on number.

how to resolve it .hope for your kind help

Insufficient information, but the chances are that Asterisk is reporting what it is being told and the problem lies outside your immediate control.

I am using Dial(DAHDI/i1/${EXTEN},10) , $EXTEN is a mobile number.In this case if someone is not answering it gives disposition “no answer”.

If the number is going swtich off it also gives dispostion no answer.

I think this information will help u tp solve my problem.

Ansuman Manna

As that behaviour indicates that you do have answer supervision, the problem lies outside your direct control. You need to ask the mobile network operator or the PSTN operator. The most likely case is that the network operator is using early media to tell you the call has failed in the voice path, rather than actually signalling the failure.

got it :smiley:

Thanx david

Hi all,

Can anyone help me to connect two asterisk boxes via e1 trunk?


Ansuaman Manna

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I am reading nagios log and grep critical condition from the log then throughing call from my calling server.I think this is not so efficient.I am looking for better solution.

Any help would be appreciated.