Originate Command: Channel ID not working

I want to see custom “uniqueid” in CDR database. So wrote the call file following way.

Channel: local/+91XXXXXXXXXX@from-trunk15
Context: from-trunk17
Extension: +91XXXXXXXXXY
ChannelId: 159626774590221
OtherChannelId: 159626774590222
Priority: 1
Async: true

However, custom ChannelId is not anywhere in the database. Can you guys guide me to achieve that?

Which version of Asterisk are you using? (This feature is no documented before version 12.)

When did ‘async’ become a call file parameter? Ditto with ‘channelid’ and ‘otherchannelid.’

Did you intend to use the ‘setvar’ parameter?

I think you’re missing a few steps between setting a channel variable and having it inserted into your CDR table.

I missed that it was a call file. I agree that it is less likely that these are implemented in call files than in AMI.

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