Originate Call

Dear all,

i have used the command Originate in my dialpland.

Is it possibile to configure the CALLERID(num) for this command?

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Only indirectly (local channel).

Hi David,

sorry but i have not understand your answer.
What does Only indirectly (local channel) mean?

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Originate to a local channel which then makes the actual call.

Ok, do you have an example?
Because it’s not clear (for me) what i have to do.

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google.com/search?q=origina … channel%22

Alternative solution (CallerID):

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/1111
Context: office
Exten: 0621********
priority: 1
Timeout: 300000
CallerID: test<0621*******>
ActionID: 12345

That’s a very big alternative as he somehow has to run the AMI program! He’s using the Originate application, not the Originate action.