Originate call with AMI : Bad displayed number for the receiver


First of all, i’m totally newbie in Asterisk system and I apologize in advance for lack of knowledge on this subject.
I’m trying to develop a click to call feature through Asterisk using AMI interface.
I’m using this package : https://github.com/enniel/ami on a Laravel php application.

Here is an example of code :

$phone_extension = "3515" // My phone extension
$number = 06xxxxxxxx; // The phone number I want to call

Artisan::call('ami:action', [
    'action' => 'Originate',
    '--arguments' => [
         'events' => 'on',
         'Channel' => "Local/" . $phone_extension . "@hud-caller-answer", 
         'context' => 'internal',
         'Exten' => $number,
         'Priority' => '1',
         "CallerID" => $phone_extension,
         'Timeout' => '30000',
         'Async' => true

It works in part as the phone is ringing and, after picking up, the call is emited toward the recipient
The problem is that the displayed number on the receiver phone is not the good one. The displayed number is the first of our internal numbers list. As if since the numer is not recognize, the first one is taked.

I hope I succeeded to explain my problem clearly enough :slight_smile:

thank you in advance

Talk to your service provider. Have you verified with them that you control the number you are trying to present?

Thanks à lot.
I’m waiting a response from them and I’ll keep you informed.