Openvox A800P13 PCI bus 3FSO, 1FXS, Ethernet: compatibility in PC

Hi, since my analog Panasonic answering machine is limited to 30 call block (blacklist) numbers, I’m trying to locate an inexpensive Asterisk and Windows compatible (for remote access to the Asterisk server) interface card. I did find an Openvox A800P13 that has the old PCI version 2.2 compliance. I have an old motherboard with a Pentium 3 processor/heatsink, RAM, and the appropriate power supply. Can anyone tell me whether or not those hardware components would be compatible with Asterisk? My goal is to get a much larger blacklist number than thirty. Plus, I would have a real analog PBX. The incoming analog phone connection comes from the internet-based Magicjack Go product. It has an output analog interface (FXO) which I connect to the analog input on the Panasonic answering machine (it has three cordless phones; 1 base, 2 remotes). Does this sound like a reasonable project? strong text

Your P3 will use a lot of energy and generate heat vs an embedded setup.

I’d recommend you look at getting an ATA like the Cisco SPA3102 or a Grandstream HT503 and using it with an embedded computer like a raspberry pi.

Use a more modern system, with older systems is more common to have compatibility issues. Also don’t expect the p3 to handle many calls especially with echo cancellation.