OpenStage IP Phones and Asterisk

Hi All!

I have installed Asterisk 11 and several OpenStage IP Phones.
Asterisk working fine and I can make incoming/outgoing calls.

I have configured two OpenStage 15, but they do not connect to PBX - I have nothing in Asterisk’s logs (soft phone and conference phone are working without any issues)

Can someone recommend good documentation for integrating OpenStage and Asterisk? (unfortunately, I have not found any useful docs on the official siemens site).

Thank you very much for your help


Admin> System>

  • System Identity - your SIP number
  • SIP interface mode> SIP transport - UDP
  • Registration> SIP server / registrar / gateway address - your asterisk server (IP or FQDN)
  • Registration> User ID / Password - your authentication information, if you have Digest Authentication enabled
    Admin> Network
  • Port configuration> SIP server / registrar / gatway / local - 5060
  • IP configuration> Primary DNS server> valid DNS if you are using FQDNs