Opensips as Stateless Proxy with Asterisk

I am trying to setup Opensips as Stateless Proxy with Asterisk. Here trying to handle only SIP Register requests via Opensips to asterisk, Redirect or Forward request to Asterisk Server

The Setup is as follows, Opensips is in Public LAN Contains dual IP Public IP ( and Private LAN ( and Asterisk is in Private LAN has single IP (

SIP Trunk established b/n Asterisk and Opensips via Private LAN.

I have tried NAT= force_rport, comedia, localnet, externip. but not working as expected.

Couple for Issues noted with this Setup

  1. Retransmission
  2. No Audio / one way Audio
  3. SIP Endpoints going unreachable

Asterisk doesn’t have any static NAT IP Configured. please provide some insight if this setup will work without issues.

what will be recommendations for this setup to work as expected

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