Certain AMI events not raised

I’m trying to catch Pickup, Join and QueueCallerAbandon event on a SIP channel using AMI. However, I’m not getting either of them.

I do get a Newstate event with ChannelStateDesc: Up, which is usable as a replacement for Pickup, however there’s no equivalent for QueueCallerAbandon and Join as far as I can see. I could deduce them by parsing multiple Newstate and Hangup events, but I find it weird that those events do not appear even though they are listed in documentation. Also, they would be a far more reliable source of information, imho.

Is there any special config options that have to be enabled for those events to be raised or is documentation wrong?

Note: I did not configure any of the Asterisk servers I tried this on. I can provide necessary config files if need be but I don’t know a whole lot about Asterisk configuration per se.