One way audio while accessing Voicemail sub-system

Hi there,

I am having weird issue on one of my asterisk boxes.

It has 10 G.729 licenses, OOH323, SIP ( both of them going to Cisco gateway ) as well as tens of ATA boxes working via SIP.

When I had 1.2.10 everything worked like a charm.

Then I upgraded to 1.4.2 ( including the G.729 codec driver ).
Box started to core dump when any ATA calls outside.
I removed 1.4 version and installed back exactly the same 1.2.10 install as it used to be before upgrade. Everything was okay, but then I just found that voicemail prompts is not playing anymore (probably other playback files not playing as well, I didn’t checked that one) but it accepts DTMF codes.

When I removed completely all files that belongs to Asterisk ( in usr/sbin, usr/lib/asterisk, /var/lib/asterisk/ var/spool/asterisk ) and reinstalled it from the tar files the first call to VoiceMailMail successfully went thru, but the following calls starts to behave the same way.

I installed the same version on different box - and it works well there.

Does anyone saw this behavior before and had a chance to fix it?
If so can you give me advice hot to fix this weirdness.

All the Best!