One way audio on incoming H323 calls


I have an Innovaphone IP6000 gateway that I am trying to get to talk to my Asterisk box, however I am having trouble getting the incoming calls to work.

I can make outgoing calls fine to external or internal numbers but whenever someone from the innovaphone side makes call to a SIP extension then the person on the SIP side can hear them fine but the person on the Innovaphone side cannot hear anything. This means that I cannot use an IVR either.

Interestingly enough the person on the Innovaphone side can hear DTMF tones. Also interestingly when the SIP extension hangs up the person on the Innovaphone side does not seem to recognise this.

I dont think it’s a codec problem and both boxes are on the same LAN. It would seem like a firewall problem but I dont think a firewall is running anywhere.

Has anyone got any experience with these boxes?