One-way audio (cannot hear recipient) on outbound calls


I’m having an Issue with outbound calls (inbound calls are fine, two way audio). The remote party here’s me but I cannot hear them.

I don’t see any specific error when debugging is on.

I have:

In general settings.

The phones are connected directly to a server running asterisk.

I can provide any output necessary, Just not sure what I should provide :slight_smile:

I haven’t had issues with other setups using the same configuration / server so I’m a bit confused as to what Is going on.

Issue was with the wrong codec on the phone settings just for any extreme noobs like me out there.

In current version of Asterisk nat=yes is deprecated, use nat=force_rport,comedia

Use the nat options, if any, that you actually need. I think the reason for deprecating it was to stop people always turning everything on.

Note that nat= is primarily for cases where the peer is inside and Asterisk outside. It is not the primary NAT setting for when Asterisk is inside.

It is known that nat= is only needed for cases where the peer is inside and Asterisk outside, but my comment was only just as an aside about a deprecated option, in case he need it on the future, but thanks for adding extra information about the correct use of nat

It’s not generally known that that is the case. My impression is that most people use it because they are inside NAT and see this nat= parameter and assume they have to set it (unfortunately, they often assume it is the only thing to set).

My Issue was the codec on the phone for some reason needed to be G729 to work correctly even though no codec was disallowed in the users.conf

You need a paid for codec if one side is G.729 and the other isn’t.