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I am using automon (One Touch Recording) but I want it to be on as default, but then toggled by automon by pressing *3 in my case. It does work, pressing *3 starts a recording, and *3 stops a recording while the call is in progress. However if I as default start the recording using in my dialplan like for example:

exten => _9.,1,Monitor(wav,rec-test,mb)
exten => _9.,2,Dial(PJSIP/whatever,180,rTW)

Then the system records to rec-test.wav as a default, but when I press *3 it does not stop the rec-test Monitor, it starts another separate recording, and carries on recording in the original rec-test file, regardless of how many times I stop or start the automon by pressing *3. So how can I get the original Monitor to cease on the initial press of *3? Then start again on a further keypress of *3 as you would expect.

My features.conf has in:

automon => *3

and my Asterisk version is 14.6.1 if that helps.



Calling Monitor or MixMonitor is not identical to the automon feature. I think you need to define your own feature in the applicationmap section in features.conf in order to stop monitoring. It may be easier to always monitor and later delete what is not needed.

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Thanks that worked a treat I am now pausing and unpausing using the applicationmap

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