Old problem new guy

I just installed beta 2, all felt well in till i tried root (but that is fixed now)

I set up two account’s called the other extension to see how the voice quality was for voice mail play back heard a quick dial seen in the log that it called the extension when to voice mail but i heard nothing, so i called 8500 from the extension i left the voice mail on still no audio. I can see that the voice mail is trying in the logs

i have 1.4.0 installed on a different box but i wanted to be lazy and use the GUI

will the GUI work under OpenBSD and if so where do i down load it
I found a link which i thought was it to only find screen shot’s

i understand what Beta means but i dont under stand why its not working :blush:

asterisk1.4.0 Proliant 5500 fourX500Mhz 2GB ram
asterisk NOW P-4 oneX2.5Ghz 512 ram