Odbc revisited


odbc on Asterisk

created an odbc instance and all seems to work:

root@pbx:/etc/asterisk# echo "select clidname from customers where clidnum = '67800112'"|isql -v psql1

| Connected! |
| |
| sql-statement |
| help [tablename] |
| quit |
| |
SQL> select clidname from customers where clidnum = ‘67800112’
| clidname |
| 6457 - Bandel A David |
SQLRowCount returns 1
1 rows fetched[/quote]

in asterisk:

pbx*CLI> odbc show 

[quote]ODBC DSN Settings

Name: asterisk
DSN: psql1
Last connection attempt: 1969-12-31 19:00:00
Pooled: No
Connected: Yes[/quote]


pbx*CLI> odbc read ODBC_SQL 67800112 exec

Not sure where to go from here. Can cut and paste the above select and run via isql (see above). Have checked until my eyes are falling out. in func_odbc:

read=SELECT clidname from customers where clidnum=‘${ARG1}’

have run: pbx*CLI> logger set level WARNING on
have verbose set to 8. Nothing in any log I can find.

Any help appreciated.