Number incomplete DAHDI NT Mode


I am new to DAHDI and something went wrong with my config.

In my dialplan I get:

[2016-12-12 09:20:05] VERBOSE[9423][C-00000000] sig_pri.c: Accepting call from ‘123414’ to ‘s’ on channel 0/2, span 1
[2016-12-12 09:20:05] VERBOSE[9494][C-00000000] pbx.c: Executing [s@from-hipath:1] Dial(“DAHDI/i1/123414-1”, “PJSIP/ProviderSip/”) in new stack

The call is being placed as soon as someone dials a digit. As the card is in NT mode, it should wait for the number to be fully dialed (eg. 5 seconds).

What do I need to set for this to work?

Thank you.

The problem was caused by overlapdialing being off.