From readme.iax

[i]> notransfer = yes | no

If an IAX phone calls another IAX phone by using a Asterisk server,
Asterisk will transfer the call to go peer to peer. If you do not
want this, turn on notransfer with a “yes”. This is also settable
for peers and users.[/i]

So does this mean that, if do not explicitly specify notransfer=yes, every iax2 call will be transferred to go peer to peer and my asterisk server will not be involved in the call except for setting up the call?

Do I explicitly have to specify notransfer=no for this to work, or is this option the default?

Correct. “no” is the default option. If you wish to disable peer-to-peer IAX transfers, you’ll need to turn on notransfer by setting it to “yes”.

Thanks for the reply…

Then this means that asterisk is fairly scalable if only used for p2p communications… though not as much as SER…

Does anyone know how much data is transferred during a call setup with native transfer?