Not reading dtmf tone given by caller

hello everyone…
I wrote one php script where i’m reading the data from the user using get_data or stream_file, although it is playing the file but it is not reading any value from the user…i dont know why??

I’m using phpagi-2.14 and asterisk 1.4.24.

                    $agi->verbose("Entered number is: $value ...");

CLI Debugging output

AGI Rx << GET DATA vm-enter-num-to-call
– <SIP/chai-08b368e8> Playing ‘vm-enter-num-to-call’ (language ‘en’)
AGI Tx >> 200 result= (timeout)
AGI Rx << VERBOSE "Entered number is:
/phpagi-2.14/first.php: Entered number is:
AGI Tx >> 200 result=1

While playing that file i’m entering digit from xlite softphone but it is not taking…

Any suggestions…please

Thank you

I also have the same problem…please help us…