GET DATA problem


I am facing a strange issue with DTMF input on my IVR system. There is a GET DATA command in my AGI script like this:

my $filename = "welcome.sln"; #Audio File
my $timeout = 6000;
my $maxdigits = 1;

print "GET DATA $filename $timeout $maxdigits \n";
my $result = <STDIN>;
WriteLog($result);   #Function which writes the $result to a log file

In “most” cases, GET DATA returns the correct DTMF code pressed by the user. However, there are cases where GET DATA does not receive the DTMF input pressed by the user at all.

I dont suspect it to be a problem with DTMFMODE because it is happening in very few cases. Can anyone please suggest what the issue might be?

If its random and infrequent it may be the calls dtmf digit length, enable dtmf logging and see whats happening.