Not Generating 180 Ringing to SIP Provider

I am not able to generate a 180 Ringing from my Asterisk 1.4.15 with AsteriskNOW to my SIP service provider Broadvox. Also, from the time the Invite is received to the time the asterisk sends the invite to the IVR is taking very long. The result is a 10-15 second pause of dead air before the leg to my IVR is established.

The scenario is as follows:
Call my toll free number.
Invite from SP to Asterisk is received and is forwarded to my SIP IVR using the DIAL command in extensions.conf. 10-15 sec later, the invite leaves the * and goes to the IVR box. The call is answered but I only hear a short ring when the IVR sends 180 to the asterisk.

In Extensions.conf I have this:

include = default
exten = s,1,Ringing()
exten => s,2,answer
exten = 8661234567,1,DIAL(sip/8661234567@,r)

Debug shows as follows. I replaced my Asterisk IP address with and actual 800 number with 8661234567. The first entry “Executing…” happens immediately but the invite to the SIP IVR takes 10+ seconds to leave the Asterisk.

– Executing [8661234567 @DID_BV_NYC:1] Dial(“SIP/”, “sip/8661234567@||r”) in new stack
– Called 8661234567 @<ipvipaddr
– SIP/5-1412e2d0 is ringing
– SIP/-1412e2d0 answered SIP/
– Native bridging SIP/ and SIP/-1412e2d0

I’ve tried this with and without the ,r and with and without the Ringing() and answer commands but can’t get rid of the delay, or at least send Broadvox a 18X.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.