Not answering if I pick up phone

Sorry if this has been asked, but i have searched but can’t seem to find it…

I would like asterisk to pick up the phone and run my config settings, ie play welcome message and divert to voicemail ONLY if I don’t pick up my phone connected into the landline myself. Say a timeout of 7 rings/seconds and if its still ringing then pick it up.

Does that make sense?
Is it possible?

Many Thanks.

No ideas? is it not possible?

yes it’s possible. In your dialplan you can ring the extension, set a timeout, then play the message and goto voicemail

But for example if someone rings when i’m home, I’ll pick up my analog phone, and start talking, then my asterisk will also start answering, and playing my voicemail message. I do NOT want it to take the call if i pick up the analog phone first.

To do this you will need to connect your phone line and your phone to asterisk. When a call comes in asterisk will ring your phone for however many seconds you specify then it will go to voicemail.

So all my phones have to be be behind asterisk?

Is what I’m asking actually impossible?
Reason I ask is i have a number of analog phones around the house and it would be a pain to have to rewire and replace them all. When at this stage all I want asterisk to do is be an answering machine and pick up only if i don’t pick up one of my analog phones.

Yes I dont think your setup would work. Read some stuff on the site list were others have tried with no luck . But I wonder if you just had 1 fxs port I think you could connect all your analog phones to it and they would work the same as they are when connected to a pots line