Not able to install Dahadi Driver in Amazon Linux 2023

Hi Team,

Aws released Amazon Linux 2023 AMI backend with combined Fedora+Centos Architecture while try to install the dahadi driver we getting below mentioned error while compile the dahadi, please help on this


error: implicit declaration of function ‘pci_alloc_consistent’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

This isn’t answering your question directly, but…why would you want to install DAHDI on a Linux distribution that’s described as being specifically for AWS (and cloud applications)?

DAHDI, generally, is for PCI and PCI-Express (and certain USB-based) analog and digital telephony plug-in cards, which shouldn’t be applicable to AWS-hosted computing instances…

Hi malcolmd,

Thanks for the reply, We need Dahadi driver for Asterisk server for some custom setup like conference setup other module depended on this dahadi driver

can you please share any document/blog for fedora linux to install dahadi drivers

It is only the old, probably deprecated, but it is too late to go looking for the status, conference modules relies on dahdi_dummy to simulate a hardware conference bridge. If you use the current conference module, it does the bridging itself.

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