Noob sounds questions

I have been using Amazon Polly to create custom sounds. I saved in OGG format and used sox to convert to sln, sampled at 32000 which I then renamed to sln32. The only file format I uploaded is sln32 which I assume are dynamically formatted to the client codecs like G729 as required. Is this the correct approach? Should I convert to some other formats as well?

I want to change the default core sounds so that I have the same voice. What’s the best way to go about this? Is there a listing of the default sounds and when they are called?

I’m not sure if I’m understanding this correctly but I don’t want to use the polly sdk. I just want to download static sound files from Polly and use those. This is working for my custom sound files as described above but i want to make the voice uniform for the default core sounds as well.

How do I download static files? I believe you want to convert audio text and play asterisk, if that is what this code solves, otherwise explain better what you need!

You can also use the code to download the audios and convert them to wav in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds folder!

It already converts into the standard of telephony

I don’t want to convert text to audio on a demand basis. I want to create the sound file once in Polly and download that and use it as I have done with my custom files. What I would ike to know is

  1. Should I just upload sln only and let asterisk format the codecs dynamically or should I manually convert my files to the codecs I might need.

  2. The optimum approach to changing the core default sound files.

You can convert your files using lame or sox and another option directly on the digium site:

Yes I have converted to slin using sox. Should I convert to other formats as well for clients that accept G729 for example?

No need to convert, I usually use the 8000hz wav format

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