Too many audio formats!

Asterisk uses 6 different formats for EACH greeting by default:

I tried recording just one test audio file as a WAV and put it in, but since Asterisk is set to use one of the other formats, it complains that it can’t find the file.

How do I batch-convert an already-recorded file to the formats for Asterisk? Do I only need to use Asterisk in one format, or do I have to give it all the formats so it can use any arbitrary one?

It is so difficult to find converters these days for what one is looking for. Please let me know a simple solution to do this, either Windows or Linux. And no, this time I’m using an actual pre-created audio file, not recording one myself.


asterisk can convert on the fly… just make one as wav or gsm and you are all good

if you didn’t already know, case sensitivity in Linux is important.

there are plenty of apps to do convering. sox is probably one of the most familiar to people who use Asterisk. i use a mixture of sox, lame and WavePad (on a Windows PC) to play with audio.