Nokia 32 GSM terminal with Asterisk


i have Nokia 32 GSM terminal, which i want to use with Asterisk for incoming and outgoing calls to GSM network.
I have ineffectively tried to connect it via Cisco ATA 186 FXS ports and make a call. I had connected Nokia’s TRUNK port to one of FXS ports on ATA and tried to call the extension assigned to the ATA. Nokia then returns the dial signal, but i can’t make a call through GSM terminal.

Does that mean i need some device with FXO port to establish a trunk with my Nokia 32 and make calls to/from GSM network possible?
No need for more than one concurrent call. Would Zoom 5800 VoIP Gateway be an option for this kind of deployment?
Any advice would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.

it should work if your configuration in sip.conf and extensions.conf ok…

can you able to make incoming call?

if you then you have problem in extensions.conf