No SIP/IAX2 registration on 1.4

I have installed the new 1.4 beta 2 release on a new Fedora Core 5.
System runs ok, but I cannot get any clients to register, nor do I get any warning/error messages on the asterisk CLI.

There is no firewall installed.

This is the conf I used:

[User2] username=User2 type=friend host=dynamic secret=User2 context=default


[User2] type=friend secret=User2 host=dynamic context=default username=User2

Asterisk DOES bind to the appropriate ports, as netstat -ln shows:

udp    0   0*
udp    0   0*

however,neither idefisk nor sjphone are able to connect… I get registration timeout and absolutely no message on the asterisk CLI (verbose set to 10 , debug set to 1 … iax debug and sip debug turned on).

It’s like the registration request never reaches the Asterisk server (both clients and asterisk server are on the same subnet, ping works). What else can I try next? :frowning: