No outgoing and incoming calls spa3000

I have linksys spa3000.
I configured asterisk and linksys spa3000, but I does not work incoming and outgoing call to pstn using fxo.
The fxs does work, the asterisk receive SIP call and pass through fxs, and fxs to softphone.

I tried to use several tutorial in internet, but anything does work.

Please, someone could help me?

I found some file about fxo, fxs and voip in … v2.0.9.pdf
And looking it, I was wrong. My fxo and fxs are not working. I could configure the voip comunication from phone to asterisk and from asterisk to phone (voip).
For this reason, I can not make outgoing and incoming call.

So, please, someone knows how to configure spa3000 to make outgoing and incoming call?