No Matching Peer

I am very new to this and have spent the last day or so trying to configure Asterisk. it installed ok but i have yet to be able to get it to connect to make a call with jitsi, zoiper and a couple of others. I am getting the following error from zoiper. no matching peer found. I would appreciated any help.



The IP address does not match that of a sip.conf peer or friend entry. This may be the result of the second type of problem on the register for a dynamic address.

Or, the From: address in the INVITE does not match the section name of a friend or user (peer as well, for REGISTER).

You have provide no information to allow anyone to be more specific than that.

A good idea would be to do a “sip set debug on” in Asterisk CLI and copy/paste the output on the forum. We can’t help you if you are not providing any debugs.