No matching peer found


i’m using asterisk 1.8 gnuradio 3.3 and openbts 2.6. so far i have registered 1 cell phone and could send sms to it from the pc but asterisk keeps saying the following when the cell phone registers:

[Aug 5 11:53:34] NOTICE[5131]: chan_sip.c:24170 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘IMSI00101xxxxxxxxxx sip:IMSI00101xxxxxxxxxx@’ failed for ‘’ - No matching peer found

what could this error be?

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Sounds like you don’t have a peer definition in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf for it.

here is my sip.conf


But this:


is what’s trying to register.

yes, i can connect with my cell phone (imsi mentioned) to openbts and send sms from the computer but every time i register to asterisk the error: “no matching peer found” arises.

that is, i have two terminals open. one for openbts and one for asterisk

1)i do: asterisk -rvvv on the asterisk console
2) i do: ./openbts on the openbts console

after this the error pops up in the asterisk console.

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Right. Your definition in sip.conf reads:


What’s trying to register to you is:

They’re different, yes?

so I should change in sip.conf the

r00101xxxxxxxxx to IMSI00101xxxxxxxxxxx ?


you’re a genius! thank you!!

why is it that when i type:

sip show peers, my imsi appears but not when i type dialplan show users?

i have another questions by the way, is there a command to make a test call with asterisk?

thanks a lot in advance

dialplan show xyz shows contexts as defined by the square braces in extensions.conf.

What kind of a test call?

You can drop calls into the /var/spool/asterisk directory to have it make calls for you. If all you want to do is make a test call, you can try extension 500 from the demo context; it should call Digium.

thanks very much.

  1. i want to reload or restart asterisk, how do i do this?
    i mean, i’ve tried asteririsk restart, reload, etc, but when i enter sip show peers, it always shows as if i were online while what i want to do is to “exit” (sip show peers -> 0 ) and then “register again” (sip show peers -> 1)

i guess i found the answer to this. i did sip unregister and then sip reload, is this it? my imsi shows unregistered but there’s still one peer showing up (my imsi). how do i “log out”, ie erase everthing and start anew?

  1. sorry i did not understand this about the extension 500. what should i type and in what console? asterisk cli? 500?

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  1. Asterisk maintains SIP registrations in its internal AstDB, which is persistent on the file system between restarts. If you don’t want that, delete /var/lib/asterisk/astdb between restarts.

  2. There are a number of ways to make Asterisk make a phone call. Read up on them in the asterisk book at

Thanks a lot for your answers!

i’ve been reading the documentation and have a question (i’m using asterisk with openbts):

how do i change the username of my phone? i understand that the username is between brakcets, correct? … the one that appears after doing sip show peers.
ie, i have [IMSIxxxxxxxx] in sip.conf and “SIP/IMSIxxxxx” to make a dial call in extensions.conf
if i change the IMSIs above to other name (which asterisk does not seem to recognize since the cell phone doesn’t get registered with a name other than its IMSI) how does asterisk recognize which cell phone corresponds to which name?

ie, if i have [john] and [paul] and two cell phones (1 and 2), how does asterisk know whether john corresponds to 1 or 2?

oh!! i guess it’s because of the context, correct?? i guess i made a mistake and now it’s working except that in host it says “Unspecified”. i’m not using any “permit” … what could the error be? also, it says no matching peer found for IMSIxxxx
also when i do “dialplan show (context)” the IMSIxxxx appears!! there’s something wrong but don’t know what

thank you in advance,