No Matching Peer found only when matching peer is found

My current goal to understand asterisk is to get a local softphone to call a remote asterisk server.

My sip.conf is :



I am using these settings in my softphone (QuteCom on OSX)

SIP Domain/Realm: ipaddress of server
Display Name: testuser

I keep getting this error on the asterisk console:

Registration from '<>' failed for '' - No matching peer found

I don’t understand what’s going on here. It is definitely getting to the remote server. What is weird is that if I change the login/username to anything other than test user, such as testaccount, I get this:

Registration from '<>' failed for '' - No matching peer found

For some reason only when I try what is in my sip.conf, it suddently becomes “nobody.” I also don’t know if I’m setting up everything correctly. I didn’t use a register directive because I am not considering any outgoing calls from asterisk yet. Any ideas as to what is wrong? Thanks!

you did not define a username for the user

one of my users look like this:

[tester] type=friend context=internal host=dynamic username=tester secret=abc123 callerid="tester" <2002> regcontext=internal regexten=2002 dtmfmode=rfc2833 canreinvite=yes nat=yes qualify=yes
additionally, in the [general] i used

in my XLite i use domain pbxtestomgeving and i use my servers ip as proxy to connect with